Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bible Challenge

Today our whole church started a new Bible challenge:  to read through the entire Bible in 90 days.  Just read, not fill out worksheets, or do in-depth studies, or link the Old to the New Testament, or...  Just reading through the Bible.  It comes out to about 12 pages a day.  It doesn't seem too difficult, but I can tell you that as far as finding the time to do it, I'm pretty sure that "things" will come up that will try to sideline me from my goal.  It seems that every time I'm working for the Lord, "things" happen in my life to knock the wind out of my sails. 

However, I know that in this instance, I'm not alone.  I'll have friends from my entire church working on the same goal.  We'll be able to encourage each other and lift each other in prayer.  I'm hoping it helps our church grow.  I'm praying it will make me grow.  I know I will be changed as a result of this challenge, and hope that it leads to me taking a more active role in studying my Bible.

I've already done today's lesson--Genesis 1:1-16:16.  I found myself listening to my husband read (he's in radio, so he has a great voice) and was astonished to hear some things that I know I've read before, but had never really hit me. (Like tar pits in Israel--not a big detail, just one that I hadn't heard before)  I'm already excited to begin tomorrow morning with a new lesson, even if I just get in a page before work.  I'm thinking about having hubby record himself reading it out loud so that I can put it on my computer and just listen to the Word at any time.

I'm also hoping that this new-found motivation will work its way into my regular life.  I need to begin to take my medication on a regular basis, work out on a daily basis, and start taking control of my PCOS, instead of just treading water with it.  I have the best coach in the world, my hubby, who is wanting me to become the best me possible.  Here's to a fresh start at the beginning of a new season!

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