Saturday, December 10, 2011

This and That

Today's post is totally going to be full of's been so long since I posted that I imagine most of you have forgotten about me.  Sorry for that, but I had to take a break and have some "me" time.  I've been working late each day, trying like a madwoman to get Christmas presents done, and then dealing with life in general, so here is an itemized list of my last month or so...

1.  No period since October 13.  I haven't been working out due to the fact that I'm going to training, practicing for worship team, have meetings, or have youth group up until the gym is closed.  I have also been just sick enough with the creeping crud that on days when I could have gone to the gym, I couldn't breathe well enough to make it through the workout.  Then there was the car...

2.  The Car...(cue dramatic music)  The first week of November, my car died.  As in kaput.  It took three weeks in the shop and $2,000, but I got her back with a new engine.  I had her for three weeks and then Tuesday happened.  We were experiencing our first snow of the season.  I had already had my husband call the school to let them know I would be late to work, like 15 minutes late due to the road conditions.  Halfway to work, (while traveling at top speeds of 30mph on a 55mph), at a crossroads, there was this young woman who decided that she should just put on her brakes WHEN she got to the stop sign.  She of course, skidded straight through the intersection.  I swerved to avoid her and then hit the guy coming from the other direction who was also swerving to avoid her.  Even though it was a slow-impact crash (We both had been slowing down b/c we could see her approaching the intersection and it didn't look promising), the estimate is $4,000 of damage to my car.  All fixable, but still...I just spend $2000 to fix it!

3.  That $2000?  It was my new home/adoption fund money.  It stinks that I can't use that money for its intended purpose.  We have to have a new home to qualify for foster/adoptive parenting.  Does this sound familiar?  Yeah, it does.  I go through this like every three months where I want to move forward with becoming a parent and then get hit with the reality.

4.  Hubby did get a job again.  I don't know how long it will last, but the additional income is greatly appreciated.  We can start building up the adoption/new home fund again.

5.  I am working crazy hours trying to get an afghan done.  I tweaked the pattern and am trying desperately to get it done--so far it's required two trips to Wal-mart to buy more yarn.  My goal is to have it done by December 22.  We'll see...

6.  I'm getting referred to an OBGYN who specializes in fertility medications.  I haven't heard from her yet, and it probably won't happen until February or later, but it feels nice to think that we're moving forward with our family planning process.   (Which is still a weird thing to think how much planning we have put into this when so many others don't plan at all for children.  It's almost getting to a scientific endeavor with charts and graphs and timing and calculations...that part stinks, but my future children will KNOW how much they were wanted--there will be no "accidents" here!)

I've already taken too long away from the afghan, and I still have to go to Grandma's house to practice for the two Christmas concerts I'm playing for...the music is still kicking my caboose, but I've got to get it together...Have a good day, and in case I forget it, MERRY CHRISTMAS!