Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

As I've started spending more time reading other blogs and learning what others are doing, I realized that many bloggers participate in "Wordless Wednesdays".  What a novel concept...that will NEVER happen here since I have not yet figured out how to shut my mouth about anything!! (Hee-hee)  So, I've decided to create my own "special" day:  Thankful Thursday, where I count blessings and share uplifting-ness!! Here goes:

*I'm thankful for a job where I can make a difference.

*I'm thankful for this blog where I can just be me, even if my "me-ness" is too, well, me.

*I'm thankful for being able to keep this blog going--and have spent a bit of time re-reading all of my past posts.  It's neat to see how God has brought me this far, and hope that He continues bringing me further.

*I'm thankful for a WONDERFUL husband who loves me even though I sometimes don't love myself.

*I'm thankful for my family--including my in-laws--because they are a great support.

*I'm thankful for a lady in Australia who made this picture because she knew we were grieving the loss of our baby.  http// (I think that's the site.  I'll double check later)
I am really, really, really thankful to have something this beautiful to remind me of the daughter I had, not that I need reminding or her existence, but in that it is tangible evidence that she existed.  And that someone half a world away has remembered her name.  And has made her memory look as beautiful as I have imagined she would look.

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