Saturday, September 24, 2011

September Daze

Wow.  I'm sitting here this Saturday morning (OK, it's ten minutes to noon, but that still counts, right?) and it has just dawned on me that it's the last weekend in September.  I'm in shock, because that means it's just three months until Christmas Yikes!!  I've got to get busy crocheting for my Christmas presents.  Here's what I did for my nephew and niece last year:
It's my own design!!
This year, I'm crocheting for the adults--here's hoping it turns out. (Please cross fingers that I find the time to do what I have in my head to do.)

Anyway, here's a sampling of things that make September a great month:

1.  Hubby came home from his week-long horse show!!!

2.  My oldest nephew turned 3, my middle niece turned 12, and the smallest niece turned 1.

I made J's 3rd b-day cake--out of cupcakes.
This is his favorite ball that made it through the tornado, and it's what he wanted for his cake.
3. My cycle of doom ended---now if only I could get AF to stop (20 days so far, new record)

4.  The temperatures are FINALLY below 100 degrees!!! I am almost into furnace season.

5.  I finally got paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is sooooo nice to have money again.

6.  Hubby and I have a plan for paying off debts, buying a real house, and then starting a savings account to save for fostering/adoption costs.  We are leaning more towards foster parenting/adoption over IVF mainly because (if we need to go that far) in my case, I more than likely won't qualify for IVF, especially if the US adopts some of the IVF restrictions that other countries have.  Which means that by the time we save that amount of money, we will have had an election, and the results of the election will probably determine whether or not that mandate is approved. (Oh, joy and rapture--not!)

7.  The Ozarks are starting to show off the colors of fall---which means fall mums, red maples, the smell of burning leaves, football, fall parades, craft shows, hot chocolate...(I think I've lost track of the original idea, but you get the picture!  I looooovvveee the fall...and the winter..and spring...and summer.  OK, I really like all of the seasons, but it's important to remind oneself of the joys of each season!)

Soooo...September has gone by really fast, and while I'm looking forward to whatever's ahead, I am not wanting this time to go by too quickly.  I am feeling my age, and I'm not wanting to see my next birthday come too soon because I do want to begin some medicated cycles and see if they will work for me.  Here's hoping I can get into my favorite doctor in two weeks for her to schedule me with a specialist within my new insurance network.  That's the part that I'm scared about--seeing a new doctor and having him/her tell me that I'm a hopeless probably won't happen that way, but you never know...

Well, time to get away from here---we've got a horse show to work tonight and I need to get my stuff in order so that I can put together a bookshelf (I'll tell you the whole story next time) and work on some crocheting before we leave.

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  1. I love that blanket :) So colorful! You need to post photos of some of your crochet work when you have it done and given it out. I'd love to see it.

    And such a cute cupcake-cake.

    Having a plan is good. I'm hoping for you, as always.