Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today has been a good day...strike that, a great day.  It is the day that the Lord has made, so I will rejoice and be glad in it.  Fall has come in all it's glory, and the crispness in the air means hot chocolate and cider (Yippee for liquid chocolate--God invents some goooood stuff!).  I got to see new pictures of my new niece--she lives too far away to just visit, but I'll see her at Christmas, and my mind has wandered to questions that people have asked me recently, so I'll lay out my opinions on the subjects of adoption and IVF.

First of all, we are still trying to go the "home-ade" route on children.  It's cheaper right now.  I've recently had MANY people tell me that they think I'd make a great mom, and that since we're struggling to conceive, that perhaps we should go the adoption route.  I would LOVE to be a mom through adoption, but it's not as easy as everyone thinks it is.  First of all, as with anything in this world, adoption costs $$$. Lots of $$$.  More money than I'm making this year, just to start the process.  I think some people think you can just walk into an orphanage and just say, "I'd like this one, only as a girl, and in a smaller size.  Oh, and can I have it gift-wrapped?"  URRGGHH.   Most people mean well, but not having ever experienced it, they honestly don't understand all the "stuff" that goes into it.  I don't even know everything, because I know that we're not even close to qualifying as adoptive parents.  We live in an 850 sq. ft house, which is much smaller than I'd like, but it's PAID FOR, and in this economy, that trumps just about anything.  That's not enough room to even qualify for being foster parents.  Also, while we are financially able to make it right now, we don't have any extra, adoption $$$. 

We've talked about adoption, and both of us are for it if we can't be parents any other way.  But it's going to take time. We've decided that when I can get a full-time job again, we'll put some money in to our regular savings account and then start up another adoption savings account.  By putting away some each month, we'll be able to afford to adopt in about 5 years.  That is, unless we're already parents, or unless we have a major calamity, or unless the Lord comes again, or..........  It's hard to plan that far into the future when we're not guaranteed tomorrow.

But for right now, I'm still getting to know how my body reacts to this medication I'm on, and am still arguing with my body about how, while I like unpredictable things from time to time, my cycle is not supposed to be like that.  It's supposed to be...boring.  Boring is good.  I would like to have the most boring cycle in the world.  In fact, if it would be boring for six months in a row, and work like it's supposed to, I'll let it have a month off to be crazy unpredictable.  Maybe I should draw up a contract for that...

Have a great, God-filled day!

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