Friday, April 8, 2011

New Day, New Thoughts

This week has been much better than last.  Spring is FINALLY here, and my hubby got me flowers today.  They were daffodils from Grandma's garden--and they smell AWESOME! 

Even though we're in a financially-induced break before starting medications, we're still trying to have a baby.  This month has been really hard to wait, partly because of everything else going on, and partly because my cycle has decided to be wonky again. Darn you, PCOS!  Anyway, every month since I started charting, I've had a ovulation dip--ONE Dip--then a fairly steady rise in temperature until three days before my period.  This month, 3 dips before ovulation, then a sharp drop seven days post- ovulation, followed by three days of rising temps.  Some women would view this as a hugely positive thing...I'm just annoyed with my body now.  I've spent entirely too many months of feeling pregnancy symptoms during the two-week wait, so having this kind of news just makes me want to say to my body, "No more April Fool's Pranks!"  Sheesh!

As for last week.  I know that we weren't forgotten in our sorrow, but it was hard not having anyone around.  I was really needing to hear from someone outside of my husband on that day, and was disappointed when it seemed that the rest of my family had forgotten.  I know most people tend to not say anything out of respect for sorrow, but I'm not most people.  I do better when others DO say things to me about remembering stuff.  Maybe it's because I'm little, but the fear of being forgotten is bigger than the sorrow of remembering.  I find that I'll get into a bigger funk about things if I think I"m being forgotten.

So this weekend?  Enjoy my flowers, enjoy a date night with the hubby tomorrow, watch some NASCAR, and wait for my yard to dry out enough to start working in the garden.  And one more thing:  REMEMBER that Easter is Coming!!!

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