Monday, May 28, 2012

Things To Keep Me Busy

Long time, no post....sorry.  I've been busy finishing up the school year, working on my garden, enjoying being married, doing things for others, and thinking deep thoughts.  I'm setting a goal for myself to start posting at least weekly, if not more often.  Since I've not been posting, I've got several pictures for you to see my busy life.  I'm in a stall pattern, working on taking my Metformin on a regular basis, adding in birth control pills, and trying to lose weight (which would work better if I wasn't a slug!)  I have to get with it, though, because I have to prove that I can lose weight by November, so that I can move on to Clomid, so that I can become a mom....(cue the endless loop that is my life)  Because I'm on a loop right now, I'm just living my life--so here goes:

Here's one of my corsages

Here's another one--I went with oranges and purples this year...they were pretty!

Here's a picture of my Elizabeth garden--with a baby bunny statuette.  It was very healing to plant all of those plants and to have this splash of color to brighten my day and my memories of her.

 This was my first attempt at editing a photo with a scripture verse--I have some friends going through some difficulties right now, and this verse seemed good reminder of God's grace.  It's also one of my Elizabeth flowers, so you know it's been grown with love.

 Itty bitty tomatoes!!!!!

 Side one of my reversible full-sized afghan.  It took me a year to make, and I used a 100-year-old pattern to do the scalloped edging.

Close-up on one square.

Side two--I thought it turned out okay!

Sooo....what to do now?  Well, I'm already starting new projects.  I have 2 baby afghans to make for the newest niece and nephew, another full-sized afghan for my sister, and then some more for hubby's side of the family.  I'll be busy for a few years...but busy is better than brooding, and I would rather be busy.

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